Testimonial – Kurwynn Walker

Testimonial to how Crossfit changed my life….like really it changed my LIFE…
I’ve been active most of my years but because of size I stuck closer to rugby. I’ve always wanted to lose weight and keep solid but poor diet and mediocre training at your conventional gym with lack of real motivation or dedication, I never saw the results I wanted but always felt that because I was doing something it was better than nothing.
True to some extent but only fooling myself as I grew larger and plumpier and finally stopped lying to myself when I tipped the scales at 138kgs. Only being 175cm my BMI said I had 42% body fat and I honeslty felt I looked somewhat like a marshmallow man and surely felt like it. I had zero self-confidence and always felt second best, I couldnt even tie my shoelaces without getting a dizzy spell.
I knew something needed to be done but had no idea what that would be…DRUM ROLL…..ENTER CROSSFIT…
I had seen crossfit years ago on ESPN and really enjoyed watching these crazy people do insane things and thought to myself not a chance in heaven. Well the opportunity arose all these years later at the best possible time, kind of like fate. With a considerable amount of fear I was introduced to crossfit 1st hand on an onramp class. Highly sceptical about the methods and the suspect looking PVC pipe I had to use, I walked out there with a wobble and a new respect for training and technique and a desire to learn more from all that I had missed all these years at your regular gym. I was bitten.


Fast forward abit, I am now an avid CrossFitter with alot more knowledge in this short space of time than in all the years spent on boring repetitions. I also carry a lot less weight around. I’ve lost 30kgs todate and from being about a 46-44 waist to now a 40-38 waist, whooop no more plus size shopping for me. I have much more vigour, enthusiasm¬†and self-confidence that I have never had before. I’ve learnt to love myself and look after this ONE BODY that I’ve been blessed with. I’ve learnt that boundaries are only set in the mind and that I can push pass them and beyond what I had thought I’m capable of. My whole outlook on life and living has been remodeled and I attribute that all to taking the step of faith into CrossFit, and CrossFit Fetish in particular. The sense of belonging and acceptance into a family that is not there to judge you or see who has the better physique but rather encourage you and spur you on, to help lift you up to reach new levels of growth mentally, physically and yes even spiritually. There is genuine love and compassion in this community and an endless sorce of opportunity to better ones self in many a way. I would recommend this life change to any and everyone, OH and yes I have and always will have a new respect For a PVC pipe.