Testimonial – Khaya Masondo

June 2014, my brother worries that I might die young because I am too fat to even breath. I was sitting at 128kg with an unusually low blood pressure (but since I was never dizzy, the nurses did not particularly worry), blood sugar levels indicate that if my body weight doesn’t shift to the lighter side of life I will have to depend on pills and/or injections to to control it. I could not take 3 steps up a staircase without breathing like a fat bulldog.


I had heard of Crossfit, even seen some motivating testimonials, but I was always either too broke or too pessimistic to even consider it. January 07, 2015; I was given coach Double D’s number.
I called him and went to meet up with him at the Fetish box with Onramp cash on hand, this time I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired…

The beginning of my journey was hard, always felt like I will never be any good at this but I always remember that no road worth taking is easy. Coach Kevin Rom walked me through the basics of Crossfit and I got better.

Not just better, in under 12 months my body weight shift 128kg to 93kg. The black community suspected sickness for a while due to the dramatic weightloss until CrossFit started moulding my physique and I started looking good. My blood pressure normalised, my blood sugar became terrific to the point that even the nurses asked for advice on how they could improve theirs. CrossFit changed my life for the better, I now have an atheletic build and I can run and pull my body up, things that I had almost given up on.

The people I work out with motivate me daily, I am a better person because of the community I work out with. They are all people, like me, making their lives and health better and better every day through workouts that inspire one to be great. I could not have come this far in my health and life without Fetish, I bless the day I found that box! See for yourself. A picture is worth a thousand words.


I don’t have abs yet though, but hey, we’ve only just begun